Roncão Pequeno

Our Vineyards

Our vineyards are situated in different Quintas along the Douro river. The vineyards have different altitudes and exposures which allows us to have different and also great quality wines. This quality is what we are focused in maintaining, being authentic to our family tradition and improving with new knowledge.


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Port Wine

The Port wine is a long tradition in the Vieira de Sousa family. All our Port wines were produced in our Quintas with our grapes, aged in our wineries for decades until they reach the perfect moment for bottling. 

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The Chapel

A Casa da Capela da Fonte, construída no ano de 1710 segundo as inscrições existentes numa das paredes exteriores, foi a sede do vínculo dos Morgados da Fonte de Celeirós desde a sua instituição em 1744, mantido e conservado pelas gerações seguintes.

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You can order here our wines or ask for the nearest place where you can find our wines. We have distributers in many different places to make easyer to buy and taste our Port and Douro wines.

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