Terms and Conditions

1. Use of the Service

This site is governed by these terms of use, which the visitor agrees to use this service, complying with the laws and regulations in force at the same apply.

Liberty Walk can, at any time, modify, in whole or in part, this terms of use.

These terms of use do not apply to any third-party owned websites that are visited through links that arise in the Liberty Walk® website.

Liberty Walk® maintains this website with a goal to inform and market the products identified and services. The Liberty Walk® intended that this information timely and accurate, and try to correct all errors are notified.

2. Register on the online store

Liberty Walk® is committed to protecting the privacy of users of this website. Navigation through this website doesn’t necessarily imply the provision of personal details, however, if you making a purchase at our online store, you will have make the register.

The individual register in the online store, is made in “Register”. Filling out the required fields in the registration are required and involves the supply of personal details, and they are used in the indicated terms, particularly for order processing purposes, billing and statistical purposes. Registration allows an easier buying process, with the recording of customer identification details, allowing an immediate recognition of the same, without the need for new register.

Access is restricted to each user and guaranteed by the use of a login and a password. These are sent to your e-mail, to allow its confidentiality, being the sole responsibility of the user to further use.

For any questions regarding the processing of your details account, in particular for inspection, correction, modification or deletion of personal data, the user can access and change the information in your account by going to your registration.

3. Online Store Prices

The prices on this website, unless otherwise indicated, shall be valid only for the date they are announced, remaining in place for the customer who makes a purchase that day, even if it receives the items purchased at a later time. All articles on this website are subject to the availability of stock at the time the product is collected in the warehouse. Prices set unless misspelling or publication, are expressed in Euro and include the VAT rate in force. Prices may be subject to change without notice.

Product prices do not include the shipping costs.

Customers of the online store are considered final consumers, and have to pay the VAT in force. Countries outside the European Union may charge Customs fees on imports of products, which will be the sole responsibility of those who purchase the product. Liberty Walk® does not control or know the applicability and the values of these rates, which are applied to the arrival of the goods to the destination country.

The price of the products, the VAT and the cost of shipping and handling are all shown separately before the final validation of the purchase phase.

Liberty Walk® informs that the prices in www.libertywalk.pt, are exclusive to the Online Shop and can be different from the prices of the physical stores where products may also can be sold.

4. Shipping & Delivery

In the case of Portugal, the Article(s), who are in stock, they are delivered within 10 working days after the date of the respective payment.

In the case of Madeira and the Azores, islands, the Article(s), who are in stock, the delivery time can range from 10 to 20 working days.

Deliveries in Europe and rest of the world vary according to the destination and the shipping time.

Can the delivery of the goods, suffer a delay, due to rupture of stocks.

The order will be sent to the address indicated by the buyer in your registration for the shipping. In case of mistake in the indication of the address, which prevents the delivery, Liberty Walk® can’t be responsible for the non receipt of goods.

The ordering and shipping will be processed only after payment of the claim in our bank account.

Shipping will be made through registered mail or parcel with tracking number.

In the order, is damaged at the time of delivery, the buyer should refuse it and return it to the post office or carrier.

5. Orders

All orders of the customers, must be made through the ordering mechanisms available on the website, in www.libertywalk.pt, this being the only accepted way. For such an order for a product, chosen from among the product catalog is made by placing it on the shopping cart.

The customer can may cancel the order, sending us one email to info@libertywalk.pt, in the next 24 hours after the Liberty Walk® have received confirmation of the order. The cancellation request will only become effective when the indication of order number and customer name.

The customer, who made the order through the website will receive an email confirmation with the details of their order.

The purchase process by Liberty Walk® website implies knowledge and acceptance of these terms of use, which must be confirmed by the buyer by checking the appropriate box before the purchase order completion.

The lack of such acceptance makes it impossible to purchase products through our online store.

6. Methods of Payment

You can choose pay with by PayPal, credit card or bank transfer to IBAN PT50 0010 0000 5139 2610 0011 1.

Products may be paid through the different electronic payment methods available on this site, which costs are borne by the customer and charged in the sales document.

You can choose to pay by PayPal or credit card in case of any doubt you can contact us for info@libertywalk.pt.

Payments made through paypal, Liberty Walk® reservation for 24 hours the ordered product, term from which, if not canceled the order it will be invoiced and sent to the customer.

Payments made by credit card, Liberty Walk® reservation for 24 hours the product ordered, period after which, if the order is not canceled this will be billed and sent to the customer.

7. How to Order

To buy a product, simply select it and choose your size, then you should click on shopping cart. If you want to add more items you can do it.  

8. Shipping Information

In the case of Portugal, if the article(s) are in stock deliveries are made up to 5 working days. In the case of Madeira and the Azores, if the article(s) are in stock delivery times may vary between 7 to 15 working days.

For Europe and rest of the World, if the article(s) are in stock delivery times may vary between 7 to 20 working days.


9. Returns

Note: We do not accept returns of articles with discounts and promotions.

You may return any item you are ordering from the online store within 15 days after the purchase of your order. Items must be returned unused and in original condition you received them, should be accompanied by the respective invoice. In this situation the Liberty Walk® returns only the money of the product.

In case the return an item with defect of the product or any errors of Liberty Walk® responsibility, you can return the item, purchased at the online store within 15 days after the purchase of your order. In this situation the Liberty Walk® returns the purchase money and bear all the costs of the return shipping costs of the new shipping, but not refund the postage spent on the first purchase. 

We recommend that the damaged item, either done by through a registered mail service and obtain proof of having, as it does not accept responsibility for goods lost in transit. The items are your responsibility until they reach our warehouse. Along with the return, you must send an email to info@libertywalk.pt , with all the details and the application of the requested replacement item.

We gonna help you and make every effort to process returns by email as soon as possible. When your articles are accepted back into our warehouse, you will be sent an exchange article, along with an e-mail confirmation.

You can send the article(s) to the following address:

Liberty Walk
Rua Quirino da Fonseca, N3, D4
1495-768 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo

 Note: Products with discount the return isn't accepted.

10. Complaints

All complaints should be sending directly to Liberty Walk® by email to info@libertywalk.pt or by mail, registered to:

Liberty Walk
Rua Quirino da Fonseca, N3, D4
1495-768 Cruz Quebrada - Dafundo

Your complaint or application shall always be considered, with the greatest consideration and relying on their good faith to make the effort to explain your situation. Will always try to find an friendly solution.

11. Language of the Terms of Use

The official language of these Terms of Use is Portuguese. Where a translation into any language is available, such provision shall be construed as a convenience to the visitor / customer, considering the text in Portuguese as regulating the relationship between the site and the user.

12. General Dispositions

Liberty Walk® is not responsible for damage due to viruses that may infect your computer or the user network, or other property on account of your access to the Liberty Walk site with content transfer this to the computer or the user network. Liberty Walk® is not liable for damage caused by using third-party owned websites, which are visited through links present in the Liberty Walk® site.

Liberty Walk® is not liable for any damage to things or people, arising from improper use of its products. The Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. The updated version will always be available for consultation on this page. 

The latest version of the Terms of Use supersede and replace any earlier versions.

13. Applicable Law 

It is the competent District Court of Oeiras excluding any other to resolve any disputes arising from the interpretation and application of the Terms and Conditions.

It is chosen to Portuguese law to regulate these terms of Use and all matters not provided for them, and that will always apply, except when there are necessary implementing standards of consumer protection.