90th Anniversary António Vieira de Sousa


90th Anniversary António Vieira de Sousa

Port Wine Producers for five generations, the Vieira de Sousa family surprises now with the launch of 90 bottles of wine over 90 years old. The wine, entitled by his daughters as "90th Anniversary António Vieira de Sousa," has aged in silence in the family cellars in a "pipa" between "toneis" and "balseiros" and was found by his daughter Luísa..

This wine was bottled by his daughters, Luísa and Maria, not only as a tribute to his father, but as a sincere "Obrigada". António Vieira de Sousa has always been one of the pillars of the family and thanks to his persistence and entrepreneurial vision has stored, over the last decades, many varieties of “Generoso” Wine. It was his stubbornness and entrepeneurship that, years later, allowed the creation of the company Vieira de Sousa.

António Eduardo Vieira de Sousa Borges, also known as "Menino António", was born in Celeirós do Douro on April 9, 1928, son of Jorge Costa Borges de Sousa and Maria Luísa Vieira de Sousa Borges, both ancestors of two Port Wine Families. The wine was bottled in a handmade Crystal bottle produced with silver gold letters by Atlantis. The bottles are individually numbered and were entirely hand-made in Portugal. The design of the box joins two different aspects, the place where the bottle was found and the business side of my father. The cubic shape was based on an old calculator box of António.The materials and colours resembles the place where the wine was found.

Tasting Notes
This Port Wine is the result of an aging of more than 90 years in "pipa" , having undergone a high evapo-ration and consequent concentration. The wine presents a fantastic greasiness, dark greenish color, a refreshing sweetness, toasted coffee notes and still a fantastic acidity. 
All these notes confirm his age ... Port wine has these magnificent discoveries!

Producer Vieira de Sousa – Vines & Wines, Lda.
Region Douro
Soil Type Schist
Vines Cima-Corgo
Grape Varieties 
Harvest Period September / October
Harvest Method Hand picked
Fermentation Lagares / Foot Treading
Residual Sugar 
Alcohol 20% vol
Baumé 3,5
pH 3,76
Total Acidity 4,66 g/L Tartaric Acid