Vintage 2017


Vintage 2017

Our Vintage 2017 was harvested from our vineyards of Quinta da Agua Alta. The Água Alta and Bom Dia vineyards are over 40 years old and face south. Here it is possible to identify more than 10 different grape varieties.


The 2017 was a very dry and unusual year in the Douro Valley, gave us a 25% smaller crop in comparison to the previous year and the extreme dryness led to the early maturation of the grapes. However, the grapes were of outstanding quality, with thick skins and ripe seeds. Because of the general quality of this year, 2017 was declared Classic Vintage.

Our vintage 2017 was harvested from our vineyards of Quinta da Água Alta and from the Bom dia vineyard. The harvest of these special vineyard was done under great conditions, no rain and with the perfect rippening. From these vineyards we were able to produce a very vibrant wine, dark color and long lasting vintage port.

Tasting Notes

This is a vintage with great concentration and simultaneously a great colour. Fruity, fresh, with aggressive and rich tannins. With long final and robust.

Producer Vieira de Sousa – Vines & Wines, Lda.
Region Douro
Soil Type Schist
Vines Cima-Corgo
Average Vine Age Over 30 years
Grape Varieties Touriga Naciona, Touriga Francesa, Tinto cão, Tinta Roriz
Harvest Period September / October
Harvest Method Hand picked
Fermentation Lagares / Foot Treading
Ageing Inox tanks
Residual Sugar 105 g/L
Alcohol  20 % vol
Baumé 4
pH 3,68
Total Acidity 4,75 g/L Tartaric Acid