Vintage 2016


Vintage 2016

Our Vintage 2016 was harvested from our vineyards of Quinta da Agua Alta (the Bom dia vineyard) and Quinta do Fojo Velho. This blend between “Bom dia”, high altitude and east facing vineyard, and Fojo Velho, a vineyard just above the Pinhão river, produced a very vibrant wine, dark colour and long-lasting Vintage Port.


The 2016 was an unusual year in the Douro Valley: winter was quite good in terms of rain fall, allowing the vineyards start the year with a good moisture content in the soils. Spring however brought constantly low temperatures, unfavorable conditions for pollination and flowering, affecting grape development and yields. During the months of July and August, high average temperatures were recorded, taking the vines to hydric stress, which had a negative impact on the ripening process, slowing the maturation process.
Fortunately, the much needed rainfall on the 13 of September put normal ripening back on track. In the end we were able to harvest perfectly ripened grapes. The 2016 vintage gave us a 25% smaller crop in comparison to previous years. However, the grapes were of outstanding quality, with thick skins and ripe seeds.
The harvesting at the end of September and beginning of October occurred in very good weather conditions and the grapes have reached a better balance, better maturation and better quality.

Tasting Notes

This is a vintage with great concentration and simultaneously a great colour. Fruity, fresh, with aggressive and rich tannins. With long final and robust.

Producer Vieira de Sousa – Vines & Wines, Lda.
Region Douro
Soil Type Schist
Vines Cima-Corgo
Average Vine Age Over 30 years
Grape Varieties Touriga Naciona, Touriga Francesa, Tinto cão, Tinta Roriz
Harvest Period September / October
Harvest Method Hand picked
Fermentation Lagares / Foot Treading
Ageing Inox tanks
Residual Sugar 112 g/L
Alcohol 19.5% vol
Baumé 4
pH 3,68
Total Acidity 4,75 g/L Tartaric Acid